Bridge to Books

Bridge to Books is a passionate group of people from various disciplines who are committed to getting children excited about books and reading. We are comprised of teachers, librarians, authors, educators, booksellers, and bibliophiles.

Bridge to Books began six years ago around a kitchen table and an idea: how do we bring books and kids together? Since its inception Bridge to Books has hosted several events around Southern California, including YA in Bloom, Graphic Guise: Books Undercover, and most recently Pasadena Loves YA, an annual festival for and about lovers of young adult literature. Please visit our website for more info about us.


Alethea Allarey

Alyson Beecher

Janelle Alexander

Cathy Blackler

Dornel Cerro

Jane Gov

Kate Grieco

Tracy Holczer

Kim, Katie, and Heather Laird

Thuy Lam

Maureen Palacios

Kris Vreeland

Marianne Wallace